Homosexuals and their Right to Adoption

Children need loving and caring homes. They need families to raise them right and to instill them with the morals they will need to be successful in life. Anyone seeking to adopt children whom meet the criteria should be allowed to take a child home. With the millions of orphan children, the government shouldn’t step in to turn away a family capable of providing love; however, many people are turned away based on their sexual preference. There is no moral or scientific reason for banning homosexuals from adoption. Love is not based on only man and woman, love comes in different forms, homosexuality being one. Banning them from adopting is taking a chance for love away from a child.

Children being raised by homosexuals are raised no differently than children of heterosexual parents; the only difference is they have to mothers or two fathers. This doesn’t make an unstable home or deprive children of their needs. Homosexuals aren’t any less intelligent, they are just as loving and capable of running a household with a child. Studies conducted by the APA council suggest that lesbian mothers’ and gay fathers’ are equal, if not superior, to the capability of heterosexuals in raising a child. The APA’s research also showed homosexual parents are as likely as heterosexual parents to provide supportive and healthy environments for their children. These are environments meeting the adoption standards; however, governments turn them down. Homosexuals love, work, and provide just as any proper heterosexual family does. Therefore banning them from adopting children is a form of hate.

One issue with the public and a reason for banning homosexual adoption is the fear that children living with homosexual families are more likely to be sexually abused than children living with heterosexuals. More than 70% of the population surveyed in 1970 agreed that homosexuals are more likely than heterosexuals to get “too involved” with their children. Because of the fact these individuals are homosexuals, the public believes they have psychological problems and aren’t fit for handling children. In 1987, Dr. Stephen Rubin conducted a 10-state survey, studying 199 cases of child abuse. Of those, 122 heterosexual males and 14 heterosexual families had sexually abused children. 59 homosexual males and 4 female homosexuals had abused children. Showing only 32% of child molestation cases involved homosexuals. Another survey done in 1999 showed that 19% of heterosexual men and 10% of heterosexual women believed children living in homosexual homes were being sexually abused. Because these individuals are homosexuals, they are believe to have something mentally wrong with them, making them unfit parents.

Children being raised and gorwing up in homosexual households don’t show any greater incident of homosexuality or gender identity issues than ghildren raised in heterosexual households. Children aren’t influenced in their sexual preferences by their upbringing, or by who they hang around with. Homosexuality is a gene imbedded in you from the moment a child is born. They simply don’t wake up and and decide whether they’d like to be straight or gay. Children with lesbian mothers are less likely to identify themselves as gay or lesbian than children with heterosexual mothers. Therefore, showing children of heterosexual parents are just as likely to be homosexual than children with homosexual parents. More than 90% of adult sons of homosexual fathers in America are heterosexual. Sexual identities are also a trait that develops in the same way among children of lesbian mothers as thye do in children of heterosexual parents. A child with heterosexual parents isn’t less likely to have gender identity issues than children of homosexual parents. Children of lesbian mothers surveyed said they were happy with their gender, and didn’t want to be a member of the opposite sex. Lesbian mothers to sons, as well as heterosexual mothers reported that their children often played with “feminine” toys, such as dolls. Showing that gender identity doesn’t involved the parents, environment, or the superficial things the child is brought up with.

In 1981 the divorce rate for heterosexual couples was 5.3 divorces per every 1,000 people, showing heterosexual households were unstable. Children being placed for adoption are supposed to go in loving, supporting and stable homes. With the divorce rate so high, children placed in unstable households became more traumatized than they were to begin with. Placing them in a homosexual household that is stable would have been the much easier and the safest choice. Gay and lesbian households are shown to be more stable than this. Studies show lesbian couples parenting awareness skills were much stronger than those of heterosexual couples. Homosexuals relationships with their children are alos more favorable compared to interaction between heterosexual parents and their children. Homosexual parents are just as loving, if not more towards their children.

Physical punishment, such as spanking, is a discipline mechanism used in many heterosexual households. 1,200 people surveyed (85%) agreed physical punishment is reasonable punishment for all children. Children whom were placed in orphan ages and are in line for adoption have seen hurt, and have lived their lives not knowing love and happiness. Using physical punishment on these children isn’t right. However, in most homosexual households, very few reported using any type of physical punishment on their children, but instead used positive techniques such as lecture and reassuring. These techniques of punishment are more more ideal for children of these circumstances. Results of multiple studies show that homosexual couples treat their children just as well as any heterosexual couple does, and therefore should have the same adoption rights.

Many children only have one parent, if any. So why should a child be turned away from a family and a house full of people who will love them and care for them just because they’re homosexual. A child doesn’t care if their parents are homosexual or heterosexual; children only want to be loved.


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